Yoga for our Everyday Addictions

Atividade: Workshop

Nível: Aberto

Domingo: 15:30 – 17:00

Duração: 90 min

Do you find yourself waisting your time by surfing on the net instead of concentrating on your work?

Having 1500 friends on facebook but haven’t seen them in person for years?

Catching out yourself on eating junkfood again eventhough you’ve already decided to go on a healthier diet…?

Welcome in the world of temptations where everything is built around a constant need for excitement and momentary satisfactions!

We live in an environment which bombards us with all sorts of impulses so that we don’t have to face our feelings and emotions and the deep lack of conection that we carry within us.

But many of us already feel that life should be more then that: more joyful, creative, enriching and meaningful.

If you also feel this call, then get ready for some sweat, ’cause yoga will kick you out from your comfort zone, into the space where your life can finally start to unfold into its true potentials .

It’s time to wake up, guys and leave your life fully!

Éva Kormos




Yoga is my passion! It is something that awakens me, holds me, heals me and inspires me!

I’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching since 2008. I completed my Level 1 Teacher Training in 2010, since then I’ve been teaching kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

I am also a Level 2 Teacher and a Level 2 Instructor of the specialization program called Science of the Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success.

In 2014 in Espanola, New Mexico I did the SuperHealth Training,  and in London the Mastering the Addictive Personality Training, both specialized in treating addictions with the tools of kundalini yoga.

I’ve been teaching kundalini yoga as a volunteer in the Addictology department of a hospital in Budapest since 2015 and I did it also in Italy in a Recovery Community called San Patrignano.

Besides teaching I organize with Siri Sant courses and workshops that we believe inspire people to go for what is important for them in life and that help them to manifest the best version of themselves.

I believe that the teachings of Yogi Bhajan are able to translate and make available the ancient wisdom of yoga for our daily life’ s challenges. They can guide us through any obstacles and help us to unfold our true potential and thrive in every field of our lives. Besides yoga I sing in a choir and love everything that connect people and allow us to spend meaningful time together just as dancing and making music, playing, sitting around the fire, walking in the forest…

Life is beautiful, let’s share it!

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Éva Kormos
It\'s time to wake up and leave your life fully with Yoga for our Everyday Addictions