Yin Yoga self discovery & live soul music

We dive with our heads in the ocean, in profound waters, finding our hearts.

Atividade: Aula

Nível: Aberto

Domingo, 17:30 – 18:50

Duração: 80 min

Journey into your inner landscape with Yin Yoga a meditative yoga practice to experience the deeper layers from the body mind and soul. In this practice you will plant new seeds through the five layers of your self: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Loving music helps us refresh our souls and fully relax. Serene melodies and vibrations will take you on an inner journey, to a place where you can embrace complete stillness.  The combination of yoga and healing music will help deepen and harmonize our heart, brain connection

Lisette Valk van Der



Site: www.nowyoga.co

Lisette van der Valk has been practicing yoga for about 12 years and has 5 years of full time teaching Experience. Lisette’s classes incorporate principles from Hatha yoga and Yin yoga, with a strong focus on linking breath to the movement. Taking time to really listen to your body and mind is key. For her, yoga is an individual life-changing journey of continual learning and change, the courage to hold everything in LOVE.

Hanna Sairie




Hanna Sairie é um projecto de vida com principal enfoque musical. Este projecto procura tocar e abrir corações, alinhando-nos assim, com a nossa essência, e reconectando-nos com o todo.
Devido à sua espontaneidade Hanna Sairie, não tendo um estilo definido, vai do indie folk ao canto de mantras, do rap aos cantos xamanicos, explorando também o regea… Indo com o Flow.
Inspiraradas pela natureza e pelo cosmos, Hanna Sairie convida à conexão com a música que ecoa nos em cada um de nós.

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Yoga Shala II
Lisette Valk van Der & Hanna Sairie
Yin Yoga class with live music to refresh the soul and completely relax