Moon Elements Mandala –  Vinyasa Flow

Alonga e equilibra o teu corpo numa aula cheia de energia

Atividade: Aula

Nível: Aberto

Sábado, 10:00 – 11:15

Duração: 75 min

Through a creative and fun flow, we will explore the energetic alignment of Water and Earth by woking on the Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra) through deep hip-openers and fluid moves using the entire mat. 

Mandalas are a fun and creative way to explore yoga by using the mat at 360 degrees and creating an uninterrupted flux of energy. 

\Why working with the Root: The class will tap into the winding down energy of a strong full moon in Taurus on November 12th and Taurus is always a very prominent, grounded, earth sign, which needs to be uplifted with the fluidity and freedom of the water element. The out of balance, the root chakra can translate into obsessive, possessive and fearful behaviours and by giving in the feminine and soft energy of water, we can create a sense of discovery adventure and compassion we otherwise cannot express.

Chantal Di Donato


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Chantal’s been practicing yoga on and off for 13 years and teaching full time since 2015. Having dealt with a lot of self acceptance and self love issues, yoga became integral part of her healing in conjunction with her coaching practice and a kinder approach to life through plant based and eco living. Chantal’s journey of self love and discovery continues daily living life holistically to nourish her soul as well as her body. When she is not guest teaching across Europe, you will find her writing books and working on her retreat space in Portugal: Eco Dharma Village, speaking at events and working on new ideas. She is also an in house coach and ambassador for Wunder Workshop, Silatha Jewellery and Phantai Yoga

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Yoga Shala III
Chantal di Donato
Deixa-te levar pelo movimento contínuo nesta sessão que explora a energia da Terra e da Água, dando ao teu corpo e mente maior segurança e fluidez.