Contemporary Dance Improvisation [Working the Chakras]

Atividade: Dança e Movimento

Nível: Aberto

Domingo: 14:00 – 15:00

Duração: 60 min

Contemporary Dance Improvisation [Working the Chakras] Chakras are the energy centers in our body, that determines weather our energies are in balance and aligned or not. In this workshop we will dance and we will move incorporating all the different colors and meanings of each of them.

What does it mean for instance to dance from a grounded energy of the pelvis and hips, representing trust. What does it feel like to move with the sensation of being rooted like a tree? Which role does the voice and self-expression play and how to move from the heart center versus top of the head? And how to visualize the energy centers when moving the body.

Further aspects of Dance will be explored such as Tempo / Rhythm/ Dynamics/ Levels / Inner and Outer focus and relationship with others in space. In this workshop we will explore these aspects through means of Contemporary Dance Improvisation.

Contemporary Dance Impro works with the intersection between body and mind (as Steve Paxton, one of the main founders of improvisation once said). Our focus in improvisation lies on training precision and awareness.

The freedom of movement is always subject to the interplay of openness and structure. So do not be afraid and come and play with us. Please bring comfortable clothes.

Navina OM

 Instagram: Navina_OM

Since 2013 I work as a Yoga teacher in a broad variety of Yoga Studios and Shalas in Portugal and Germany. Navina is half Indian and was growing up since a young age with Yoga practice as part of ancient Indian Vedic philosophy. She has practiced Yoga both in Germany as well as in India in various locations.

She practices Shiva Nanda Yoga since 2003. She has accomplished her Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Certificate from Sri Louise Underground Yoga Parlour for Self-Knowledge and Social Justice. The certificate is set out for professional dancers and was held at ImpulsTanz Vienna 2013.

Navina has been teaching both Yoga and Contemporary Dance Improvisation at various locations internationally such as Work in Studio, Space Yoga Lisbon, House of Zen, Espaço Equilibrio, Agararte, Kreativworld, Bewegungsraum Gängeviertel Hamburg, TUS Harburg, Fitness Insel Hamburg, Shivananda Yoga Hamburg Y8 Art Yoga amongst others.

Navina holds an MA in Creative Practice: The Dance Professional Practice Pathway from Trinity Laban & Independent Dance plus a Further Education Dance Paedagogic Certificate from Lola Rogge School of Dance Hamburg 2010.

Navina OM also works as a performance artist and creates videoinstallations / films, her teaching practice inspires her art and vice versa.

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Navina OM
Chakras are the energy centers in our body. In this workshop we will dance and we will move incorporating all the different colors and meanings of each of them.