Contact Yoga & AcroYoga

Atividade: Workshop

Nível: Aberto

Domingo: 10:00 – 11:30

Duração: 90 min

This work is a powerful mix of dance, acro, contact, fluidity and diversity in movement.. dancing with another body. No space, no time. People dance together, even if only for a few minutes, and they maintain most of the time some point of contact between their bodies.

It might only be their fingertips touching or they might be rolling acrobatically over each other’s shoulders. It might be slow and intimate, it might be whirling and fast. Dancers can lead and follow and they trust their weight to one another.

From these basic principles the journey begins.. Trust, Passion, Commitment, Love, Communication, Vision, and Union—these are the seven points of contact that we long for, these are the treasures of sharing.

The shadow aspects of the seven Points  represent the places where we hold back, our fears, confusions, insecurities, and struggles. They are places not to be avoided, but embraced and transformed into avenues for greater contact

Samantha Mancino




Samantha Mancino (IT) is an Ashtanga- Vinyasa and Hatha yoga teacher, certified by Yoga Alliance (300h RYT, India ).

As a doctor in Neuroscience she wants to combine her studies with yoga and mindfullness practice to create a full state of being conscious and aware of our body in the present moment. Her research is related to compulsions such as addiction and compulsive eating behaviors, and to anxiety and depression. She is currently involved in several collaborations, including the creation of a program that combines these psychiatric conditions with a yoga practice.

She starter Acroyoga practice 10 years ago with the Amazing Acroyoga community in Barcelona (Spain) e she kept practicing while She was moving in Geneve( Switzerland) Boston (USA), Milan (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal).

She has a great experience in teaching and she currently facilitates regular yoga and Acroyoga classes in Lisbon. She did several workshops at National and International level (Lisbon yoga festival, hitchfest,culture fest, tantra festival, Spring retreats, Estende o tapete e traz a Tenda, wellness retreat etc..

She participated in several yoga and Acroyoga formation around the world (Spain, USA, Switzerland, India, Thailand..). She also involved in circus (arial skills) since 2012.

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Samantha Mancino